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Jesse Carbo is the gold standard for leadership and management. His communication is always thoughtful, concise, and clear. He has a knack for making people feel encouraged and reaping the synergistic efforts of those around him. He is a highly organized manager, skillful planner, and a thorough record keeper. His temperament keeps him rationale and perfectly equipped for problem solving. Jesse is extremely well educated and informed in his field. He is on top of the latest business trends and always adapting to better serve his clients. Finally, Jesse Carbo is personable and really cares about your business or ministry. He works like a partner, not an employee. I highly recommend Jesse Carbo.

- Robert Amaya | Actor | Producer

"The Google Ad Grant has helped us reach more people in the community and connect them to the work we are doing here at Agape Ministries. We're grateful for the work that The Digital Missions Project is doing."

- Chaplain Carbo | Agape Network

"How To Apply For & Receive The Google Ad Grant"

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