Today, reaching people with the Gospel requires having a Digital Missions strategy.

Can we share some ideas with you?

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"How To Apply For & Receive The Google Ad Grant"

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Is Your Ministry Making Full Use Of The $10k/mo In Free Google Ads?

People are searching...Online.

Data shows that Google processes over 99,000 searches every second.

People search for answers to their most difficult life situations. What if you could provide those answers for them and build a relationship with people looking for help.

We live in a unique time where the mission field is now online. The opportunity to engage people is greater than ever before.

At The Digital Missions Project our vision is to help 100 Churches reach 10,000 people with the Gospel using current digital marketing strategies that work.



People Search Google

With Questions

We Create Campaigns That Provide Your Answers

You Get New Connections To People In Your City

Are you taking full advantage of all that Google for Non Profits has to offer?

The Google Ad Grant will give you access to $10,000 per month in free advertising on the Google Ads platform, GUARANTEEING you page one placement for search terms like...Churches Near Me" , "I Need Prayer", or "How To Save My Marriage".

Imagine having multiple ad campaigns that connect you to 100, 1000, or 10,000 new people in your community who are searching for answers to some of life's most challenging questions.

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Robert Amaya | Christian Films | Actor

Jesse Carbo is the gold standard for leadership and management. His communication is always thoughtful, concise, and clear. He has a knack for making people feel encouraged and reaping the synergistic efforts of those around him. He is a highly organized manager, skillful planner, and a thorough record keeper. His temperament keeps him rationale and perfectly equipped for problem solving. Jesse is extremely well educated and informed in his field. He is on top of the latest business trends and always adapting to better serve his clients. Finally, Jesse Carbo is personable and really cares about your business or ministry. He works like a partner, not an employee. I highly recommend Jesse Carbo.


CFM Discipleship | Adriana Martinez

The Digital Missions Project helped me consolidate all my accounts into one hub and is saving my non profit a significant amount of money. I’m addition, they have introduced me to many new features that will take my nonprofit into the next level. I’m grateful to Jesse and his team for taking the time to meet the needs of my organization!


Gateway Baptist Church | Pastor Mike Solomon

In life you come across some incredible people, but it is rare that you come across incredibly gifted leaders. People that are devoted to their craft and lead others to greatness because of their dedication. Jesse Carbo is one of those rare gifts in life. He is a man of integrity, influence, and one of the greatest minds I have ever encountered and my church has benefited immensely from his leadership. It would serve you and your organization well to partner up with Jesse and The Digital Missions Project.


Agape Ministries | Chaplain Jose

The Google Ads Grant has helped us reach more people in the community and connect them to the work we are doing here at Agape Ministries. We're grateful for the work that The Digital Missions Project is doing."